Thank you for visiting Nessascityblog! Its main purpose is to provide up-to-date information about what is going on in Antwerp City. I post on Thursday mornings with information in English and links about what’s on for the coming weekend, in or around the centre of Antwerp.

I’ll also be including some general ‘feature’ posts which I hope will be of ongoing use -there are some on half-term activities for kids, second-hand shopping and eating out.

If you are new to Antwerp, have recently arrived here, or are looking for information in English, then this really is the blog for you, especially if you are looking for activities which are medium or low budget, or free. I’ll be including some family and kid- orientated activities too. Please sign up for notifications about posts, and keep in touch about events you know about yourself, so that I can include them.

The pictures in this blog are my own, or used with permission (where possible). Some images are from Pixabay or Unsplash.

If you are interested in sponsoring a post for your publicity purposes, please get in touch. However, all recommendations in this blog are my own personal recommendations, as a local resident of Antwerp, and this will remain the case.

I welcome guest posts -please get in touch if you would like to tell your Antwerp story, or have an idea for an Antwerp-based post that you would like to contribute,  but this blog is not monetised and I do not pay for content.

You can follow this blog by email, or you can find and follow on:


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If you know of an event, or are holding an event which you think should be included, or would like to contribute a guest-post about Antwerp, mail me on nessascityblog@gmail.com



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