Antwerp People: pictures of the city taken by those who have made Antwerp their home.

These photos have been taken by people who live in Antwerp but who come from other countries. They spring from a post which took place in the Expats in Antwerp Facebook group; it resulted in the sharing of many lovely photos -some from serious photographers; others just snaps taken on mobile phones.

What do they tell us about how we immigrants feel about our adopted home? I don’t think there’s a single answer to that question, but they are certainly beautiful and personally I think that does show that when people come from other countries to make their home in a new country and – despite the challenges of doing this – they look for what is positive and uplifting in their new environment.

(1) By The River

05riversideviewbyRohitash Kumar
Down By The Schelde by Rohitash Kumar


Rohitar is from India and arrived in Antwerp nearly two years ago. He came to Belgium seeking a better life for himself and his family.

(2) Park Bridge

03parkbridgebyJohn Anthony Furnari
Parkbrug (Park Bridge) by John Furnari

John Furnari: “I’m originally from Knoxville, Tennessee but moved to London in 2011 where I met my wife who is from Ekeren. In 2016 we decided to make the jump to Antwerp where we settled in the Jewish Quarter just off the Belgiëlei.”

You can see more of John’s photographs on his Instagram page

(3) An Antwerp Sunset

Tram tracks leading to Sunset by Jenny Virta

Jenny is Finnish and has lived in Belgium since 2008, and in Antwerp since 2013. She came to Belgium for work purposes and may be moving on to new adventures again shortly.

(4) Playing in the fountains

08BarCargobyFilipe Pedro
kids playing at Park Spoor Noord by Filipe Pedro

Filipe is from Portugal and has lived in Antwerp for two and half years. “Those moments watching children playing always made me remember my son and his beautiful smile, and always make me miss home.”

(5) Antwerp Rooftops

rooftopsbytheSceldebyAnna Kurmanova
Antwerp Rooftops by Anna Kurmanova

Anna is from Russia and moved to Antwerp a year ago, from Prague to be with her boyfriend. “This photo was taken from MAS in December 2018 on a sunny day. A friend of mine was visiting and I took him all the way to the top to have a panoramic view of the city.”

(6) Bike near MAS

Bike parked next to the water by Charlotte Morphy- Morris

Charlotte is British, and moved to Antwerp about a year ago, due to her husband’s work. “My husband, sister-in-law and I had cycled down to the MAS to have a ‘sundowner’ as it was such a beautiful evening. I snapped the pic using my phone ! I guess I was in the right place at the right time. “

(7) Birds flying next to the Schelde

09birdsby Silvia Stanziano
Person walking by The Schelde by Silvia Stanziano

Sylvia is from Italy and very recently arrived in Antwerp – in the last month!

“I’m not a professional photographer though my dad was, and he passed a love for this art on to me.  I believe that in every shot we take there is something of ourselves, that often only we know … and this photo reminds me of my mood when I captured it: alone as the person with his back to me and full of hope as the faint rays of sun!” 
(8) The bike path by The Schelde
Bike path next to The Schelde & The Big Wheel by Manoosh Majdzadeh

Manoosh is from Iran and moved to Antwerp about six months ago, having visited the city on a number of occasions while travelling. She works as an actress here. “The main reason I prefer living in Antwerp to any other city in Europe is the peace, the dynamic city life and the artistic side of it.”

You can see more of Manoosh’s photos here.

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