This weekend: 20th, 21st & 22nd January

A fairly brief post for today because it seems that the post-festive lull continues and it again feels like it’s not so busy in the city, and also because I will be away in beautiful Amsterdam all day on Saturday at the Women’s March.

Here is the GOOGLE MAP for the locations in this week’s post.


Het Roze Huis (‘The Pink House’ -Antwerp’s LGBTQ+ centre) shows a film each month for free. This month, starting at 8pm it’s The Summer of Sangaile.


Making lanterns

Over near de Koninck Brewery, Little Brewers’ Winter Garden is offering a lantern making activity for kids, as Chinese New Year approaches. This takes place between 2 and 5pm, is free and does not require registration beforehand. My kids went on Wednesday. They enjoyed doing this and were very positive about the nice supervisor!



Goegekregen are back with a big second hand market in Park Loods -that’s in Park Spoor Noord -from 9am. It’s indoors, so don’t be put off by cold weather.

It’s been really cold this week, and it looks like it might remain so for the weekend with minimum temperatures at -1 to -3. Chances of rain are low over Saturday and Sunday but more likely on Friday.


Last week I was interviewed by Slovakian TV (RTVS news) about being a UK passport-holder resident in Belgium post-EU referendum. You can see that interview here (it starts at about 25 minutes in).

Don’t forget that next Wednesday (25th) is the last Wednesday of the month, so Antwerp City museums are free.

January sales continue in town (but shops are not open this Sunday)

Also on Wednesday, aspiring DJs should head to Kavka for Jammings January. Follow their Facebook group to get on the schedule.

And if you have enjoyed the Swaajp impro shows which have featured in this blog from time to time, you might be interested to know that you can now follow an impro course with them.

My random rec for this week is a bar called Rode Zeven on Sint Jansplein. It’s an attractive, unpretentious bar we sometimes like to go to on the way home from work, and is perfect whether you want a meal, or just a drink. The food is unfussy, tasty and home-made. The owner is friendly, and generally the place has an easy, informal atmosphere, and is also fine for kids (some toys are provided for them to play with).

by Leo Reijnders

Leo Reijnders of The Cloudknitters opens an exhibition on Thursday at 6pm at Museumstraat 4. The work is described as follows: ‘In his ongoing series, of figurative narrative paintings, Leo Reijnders investigates issues of desire. While basing the work in the subconscious desires of the artist, they also seek to involve the viewer, by allowing enough undefined space to consider our own motivations and desires. Completed in one day, they represent “(day)-dreamscapes” where anything is possible”. This exhibition continues until February 19th.



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