The Big Fat Antwerp Summer Post!

Zomerbar, Sloepenweg

There won’t be the usual weekend posts again until August, while Nessascityblog takes a summer holiday. To keep you occupied until then, here are some links and ideas for summer activities.

The best place to check for summer activities and hangouts is of course the Zomer van Antwerpen website, which lists free and paying events for the summer season in Antwerp. ZvA HQ is the Zomerbar on Sloepenweg, but you can also find a host of other summer bars here and an overview of events and hang-outs on the Stad Antwerpen site.

Bar Cour, Kavka







Additionally I think these outdoor events and markets will be worth checking out:

On alternate Wednesdays (third one is on 13th July) there’s an art event at Plein Publiek, starting at 6pm and going on until late. These will allow you to see inside the now-empty buildings which enclose Plein Publiek.

Then there’s Apero des Belges on Vrijdagmarkt on the 14th July from 3.30pm

…. and more alfresco drinking on Grote Markt the next day (15th July) from 5 until midnight, courtesy of Aper’eau.

Swan Market

Then Swan Market on Grote Markt on the 17th July from midday. On the same day, there’s the Boekenplein (second hand books, magazines, comics and graphic novels) in front of Permeke Library. 10am -4pm

… Geogekregen second hand market on Theaterplein on the 21st July.

On the 23rd and 24th July at Bocadero you can get your vintage and second hand goods per kilo (18 euros) 12 -6pm.

The lovely Hand Gemaakt will be at Plein Publiek on July 30th from 11 -5pm with local, handmade products made by creative stall- holders from in and around Antwerp.

And the next day – 31st JulySKRAP will be at Groenplaats all day from 10am- 10pm, while not far away at KMSKA you can find the monthly art fair Lambermonmartre where there is also always food and drink stalls, a band and a painting workshop for kids, and Goegekregen will be at the Kattendijkdok  with Born in Antwerp.

And music… 
Muziek in de Wijk (Music in The Neighbourhood)  is also part ofthe  ZVA program, with bands and performers coming to squares around the Antwerp area throughout summer. If you are a town-dweller, then Dageraadplaats, Krugerplein and De Coninkplein are the nearest, but there are others: check the agenda by location. Again, these are fun, community events, usually with plenty of good food, drink & kids’ spaces, which bring people of all ages and backgrounds together.

And kids …
Kids will be enjoy being taken to the summer edition of Sportopia in Park Loods (Park Spoor Noord) which returns on July 20th. The winter version of this was good -my kids enjoyed it on more than one occasion, although can get busy. It costs 6 euros per session, but is less than that if you have an A-Kaart  (you might want to consider this if you are going to make frequent use of Stad Antwerpen facilities over summer)  and free to under 4s, or those with 10 points on their A-Kaart. Open 10- 6pm Wednesdays- Sundays. For super-sporty kids there are some sport camps which may have spaces left.

Take your dancing 4-6 year old to Permeke library on Wednesday 3rd August at 2pm for an hour’s free dancing and movement session.

There’s no Badboot any longer, so if you are in search of open-air swimming, you will need to head across the water to Linkeroever’s De Molen Open Air Pool which is open until mid-September, ever day throughout July and August between 10am -8pm.

Also for kids there will be kids entertainment and activities on Wednesdays between 2 -5pm at Cargo Summer Bar, Park Spoor Noord.

And at Zuiderpershuis from the 18th July there’s a speel-o-rama for just 2 euros per kid (free to under 4s) with activities and workshops. No pre-registration needed (unless you are taking a group).


Critical Mass bike ride: 29th July. Assemble at Theaterplein with your bike at 6pm.

waffleroundsummerpostFor general usefulness you might like to revisit my post on my favourite places to eat and also the one on Antwerp with Kids.

I’ll be back to post as usual for the 5th, 6th and 7th August. Hope to see you then, because there is still a lot more to come for summer 2016 in Antwerp including Museum Night, Antwerp Pride and Bollekesfeest. Don’t forget to find me on Instagram (where there are now pictures of Tall Ships, Feestmarkt, Vlaanderenfeest and Ketnet Zomertour), Pinterest and Twitter.

Additionally, if you are hear of other good events while I am away, please put links and info in the comments 🙂

See you in August!






This weekend: 8th, 9th & 10th July

A brief round-up as I am away from Antwerp this weekend! This post is especially for my mum and dad who are looking after the kids (hope they behave!) … perhaps the info about kid-friendly events this weekend will be useful 😀

When I get back I will publish a summer post for the next few weeks while I take a summer break.

Come down to The Schelde for The Tall Ships Races 2016


Anyway -this weekend: starting on Thursday 7th and continuing until the 10th, the Tall Ships Races are on all weekend. An impressive sight and a day by the Schelde that will appeal to all family members. Aper’eau will be helping to get things off the ground at MAS from 5pm, and also holding a Mediterranean  version of their usual events on Theaterplein on the 9th & 10th..


Free concert: covers of 1950s, 60s & 70s songs at Open Lucht Theater Rivierenhof at 2pm.


Antwerp Stadspark

From 3 until midnight  -Petrol club has organised Dansen in het Stadspark -a free event.

There’s a free exhibition about ethics, sustainability and fashion at Kattendijkdok/ Born in Antwerp by Bruno Pieters from 11am -6pm



On Sunday the party continues on the Stadspark, from 3 -11pm with food trucks, poetry, music and a bouncy castle, and there’s also Vlaanderen Feest on Grote Markt and Groenplaats from 2pm -11pm on MONDAY 11th (sorry -there was an error here) -again this is free and has something for the whole family: kids will be kept amused with more bouncy castles, and entertainment from kids’ TV channel Ketnet.

Salsa Antwerp are holding a Cuban/ Salsa party from 3pm -8.30pm in Park Spoor Noord (near -but not at -Cargo Summer bar. Head to the skate park/ viaduct area). There will be music, DJs, drinks and a BBQ. Five euros to get in.




Bar Cour at Kavka

Newly opened and very attractive Bar Cour is holding a yard sale of second hand goods at Kavka from 10am -6. This also has a nice area for kids with a ping pong table, and sand to play in.






The weather is predicted to be warm, especially on Sunday which may see temperatures go up as far as 27 deg. Low chances of showers on both Saturday and Sunday.



Find the locations mentioned in this post on the corresponding Google Map.

Recent Antwerp photos can be found on Nessascityblog Instagram.

Het Labyrint

Het Labyrint is open for one more week on Sint Jansplein.

Big screen football still on, as Euro 2016 comes to a close at Spoor OostCargo Summer BarPlein PubliekDageraadplaats and Gedempte Zuiderdokken.

If it is rainy and you have children to entertain, why not take them to Museum Mayer van den Bergh for an artistic treasure hunt? Every day  except Monday 10- 5pm until the end of August. There is a similar activity for children who visit The Red Star Line Museum.

There’s an evening ‘feestmarket‘ on Theaterplein from 3pm on Monday 11th.

… And as the summer holidays have now started, you might like to revisit this post: Antwerp With Kids.