Picture post: snaps from 2016 so far …


I get asked if I go to all the places I mention on my blog… well, no. With three kids and a (virtually) full-time job, that would be pretty difficult, but here -in no particular order – are some things that I have done, either by myself or with friends and family -so far this year:




My son and I went to the Ecohuis for the JEFF film festival, made a robot and had lunch at the Ecohuis café.







We stopped at Krugerplein on a crisp February afternoon…




… Checked out some vintage design at Winkelhaak …








A vernissage at Artelli Gallery.


HAPPicMonkey Collage2


Enjoyed some snacks at HAP food trucks festival, Park Spoor Noord.







Ceiling at Antwerp Central Station
…and I blogged!

Thank you for following and reading this blog. Thank you also to my clever daughter, Hannah, who is techie and artistic, and who helped me edit some of the pictures using Pixelmator. Other pictures were edited using Picmonkey.

The photos were taken by me -just on my Nokia Lumia phone. But I’d love to include readers’ photos -especially if you have a talent for photography – so if you would like to contribute to a future photo post, please email pictures to nessascityblog@gmail.com, stating your permission to use them and how you would like them to be credited to you.

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