Thanks for visiting Nessascity.

Nessacity is a blog which conveys information in English about what is going on in the city at weekends. There may also be features on particular venues (e.g. restaurants or cinemas) or on life in the city in general. There are posts about events for the coming weekend, which are published each Thursday. If you live in Antwerp and want information in English this blog is for you. If you are in Antwerp or planning a visit and would like to get away from the standard tourist draws and have a more authentic, local experience this blog is also for you. Nessascity is for singles, couples and families. And while the events and activities listed are not all free, it is intended to also be useful for those on a budget.

I have lived and worked in Antwerp since 2006. Two of my three children were born here, and while I am certainly no expert on all that the city has to offer, I am always on the look-out for things to do and places to go, as well as events or activities that the kids might enjoy.

My aim is to post each Thursday or Friday, with a handful of suggestions about what is going on at the weekend. I find out about events through friends and by searching online. But I would also love to hear from you about anything you think should be published here. I want to include as many low-cost or free activities as I can, but I’ll happily consider anything.

Enjoy Antwerp! keep in touch, sign up and follow me on Twitter @needagin.